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Zip Lining, Grass Skiing & Tubing

Stay tuned for the seasonal opening date for the mountain bike park,
zip-lining, grass skiing and tubing at Bryce Resort!

Sunny Day Adventures Await You!

Zip Lining

Bryce Resort recently redesigned their zip line tour! The adventure will take an average of 90 minutes for each group, but rest assurred! Every minute will be filled with excitement, perspective that you have never seen before, an incredibly friendly and instructive staff, and the opportunity to meet new people! During your tour, a professional photographer will capture your adventure so you can remember and enjoy it for years to come. Take the adventure. Let the air pass you by as you soar through the wilderness. Earn the memory!

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Grass Skiing

One of the few resorts in North America, Bryce offers a typically european sport known as grass skiing. While it was originally invented in order to train for alpine skiing, it's popularity grew in the 60's, and now there are even grass skiing World Championships annually! Who says you can't conquer the slopes after the snow has melted? Take the plunge! Enjoy the excitement!

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Summer Tubing

No need to grab your sled. No need to bundle up. Bryce Resort's summer tubing offers a thrill that you have never experienced in the warm months! Fly down the 340 foot hill, banking and weaving, and travel back to that time where simple pleasures gave you a rush of excitement! We will have photos soon, so please come back to see OUR adventures!

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